Travel by 4x4 Suzuki Jeep, through pioneer logging roads and trams along narrow ridge tops, with mountain views and deep native valleys

Home Base

Challenge yourself in a true bush environment. All Tours fully guided with Lead vehicle and radio contact.

A little mud never hurt anyone

The many logging tracks make for an exciting challenge.

Not for the faint hearted.

Passenger and self-drive option available. Full day and over-night tours only.

Starting base for tours.

Starting base for Tours.

4x4 CLUBS ...

Go Bush has 700 acres of native bush which is extensively tracked with old and new bulldozed tracks throughout. Suitable for both shiny vehicles or extreme 4x4 Challenges. We offer day trips and a tent campsite is available for overnight stays.


* All weather access for camper vans and cars to camp site.
* Safe parking on private land
* BBQ area, cooking shelter and toilet
* Children's play area, - swing, see-saw and canoes
* Adult's play area - 700 acres of bush tracks
* 30 minutes to Hot Pools and Lake Taupo
* 30 minutes to the entrance of the 42nd Traverse.

LookOut Photo.Club Photo.

1 Day - $50 per 4x4 Vehicle (Minimum Club charge: $400)

Available in Summer months only, a 15km trip into “Go Bush” River Side Cabin, on the head waters of the Whanganui River. Allow around 4 - 5 hours, return trip.
Over-night stays need to meet minimum numbers.

NB: A day guide needs to be hired for this trip.